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At this year’s CES 2022, Nvidia GeForce unveiled the next generation of GPUs for the Ampere mobile family  – the RTX 3070Ti and the RTX 3080Ti.

image of an RTX 3080 Ti Laptop

The all new RTX powered laptops are announced alongside the 4th generation Max-Q technology.

Pioneered by Nvidia back in 2017, the Max-Q is striving to bring cutting-edge efficiency to portable gaming (and working), by making laptops more powerful and thinner than ever.

Since its introduction by Nvidia back in 2017, the laptops have become increasingly more robust and are no longer as easily dismissed as gaming devices that are lacking. While still not in the same league as an entire system, Nvidia seems set on making gaming laptops a force to be reckoned with.

Nvidia’s demonstration of the rapid core scaling, so only needed cores are being used, and not all of them. 

You can check out the entire Nvidia Max-Q showcase here.

What can we expect from the new mobile RTX 30 GPUs?

According to Nvidia, we should expect a much higher performance from the RTX 3080Ti than TITAN RTX for the desktops. The RTX 3080Ti will be able to deliver over 120FPS at 1440p, while the less powerful RTX 3070Ti will be capable of over 100FPS at 1404p, which is about 70% faster than the current mobile RTX 3070.

There is a much bigger performance jump between the RTX 3070 and RTX 3070Ti, than it was between a RTX 3080 and RTX 3080Ti, making the RTX 3070Ti worth investing into, even as a new GPU.

This is an impressive step up for the laptop gaming performance, especially taking into account that the RTX 2070 can still achieve impressive results with the current AAA games.

As such, we can’t help but be optimistic about the Nvidia’s entry-level gaming GPU, the RTX 3050. Set to release on January 27th 2022, the entry level graphics card promises great performance at a budget, though AMD is releasing their own entry-level gaming GPU the RX 6500.

It will be interesting to see which GPU will bring more bang for your buck, and how the performance between the two differs, so watch this space for our comparisons and review.