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Razer has unveiled its newest gaming and entertainment products at CES 2022, including full gaming desk set up and a chair with haptic feedback, in what they’ve called Project Sophia.

According to Richard Hashim, VP of Growth at Razer, Project Sophia is a ”futuristic vision of a multi-purpose gaming and workstation set-up which meets the very different needs of a variety of PC uses, negating the need to move between workspaces”.

In other words, Razor’s new gaming and multipurpose desk hopes to house components in the actual desk, turning it into a modular PC.

According to Razer, the components will be housed in a chassis with magnetic component parts that can be removed, changed and optimised on the go. Because each component is housed separately (albeit connected together), the users will be able to hot swap their modules depending on what they want to do – work, create or play.

It is still unclear, however, where the cooling system is located, nor how the cooling will be preformed, at least from the Razer’s presentation.

Project Sophia glass table top with components

The touch screen is present on the whole of the desktop, and the spaces can be used for more than just components, especially when it comes to workstations.

The screen at the very edge of the table seems a bit anxiety inducing to us, though we don’t doubt that the screen is secure, even though it is detachable.

You can check out the full Razer presentation here.

In its presentation, Razer also introduced a haptic feedback gaming chair, complete with RGB. You may not be able to see the RGB while gaming, but it is perfect for streaming.

We predict that the haptic feedback from the chair will be very fun, especially when playing racing games. Perhaps even more so if you’re not very good at them, like some of us here. We don’t expect crash-like haptic feedback, but we do expect some jolting, and with it, some hilarity.

Will it succeed?

It’s difficult to predict whether Razer’s Project Sophia will take off or not, especially since we do not yet know the price nor release date of the gaming desk.

The desk does stand to be very pricy, though from the specs we predict that the creatives as well as gamers will be tempted to get in on this one. As we don’t yet have any benchmarks nor information on how the cooling system will work, especially for GPU intensive tasks, we’re looking forward to the benchmarking as soon as one becomes available.